Brush Hog For Sale Craigslist (2024)

1. utica for sale "brush hog" - craigslist

  • for sale · John Deere Brush Hog 1. •••. John Deere Brush Hog. 5/1·Utica. $1,500 hide · Wanted Old Motorcycles 1(800) 220-9683 •• ...

  • utica for sale "brush hog" - craigslist

2. lancaster, PA for sale "brush hog" - craigslist

  • for sale · Kubota B3300SU tractor with brush hog 1 · Kubota B3300SU tractor with brush hog 1 · DR power 42 inch finish mower attachment walk behind brush field ...

  • lancaster, PA for sale "brush hog" - craigslist

3. Bush Hog 10ft rotary cutter for sale on Craigslist. - Orange Tractor Talk

4. New and used Brush Cutters for sale | Facebook Marketplace

  • New and used Brush Cutters for sale near you on Facebook Marketplace. Find ... $3,500. BUSH HOG 13008 8FT (1000RPM) Brush Hog Brush Cutter. Long Lane, MO · Troy ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

5. Used Bush Hog Rotary Cutters for Sale - 925 Listings | Machinery Pete

  • 3210 · Page 4 of 20 · Of 20

  • Find 918 used Bush Hog rotary cutters for sale near you. Browse the most popular brands and models at the best prices on Machinery Pete.

6. BUSH HOG Farm Equipment For Sale in NEW YORK |

  • Browse a wide selection of new and used BUSH HOG Farm Equipment for sale near you at Top models for sale in NEW YORK ...

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7. The 2019 Craigslist Thread | Page 15 - Two Wheeled Texans

  • Jan 6, 2019 · Talk about a miss priced bike....https://houston.craigslist ... For Sale: 2015 Sym Symba Great condition. ... If it only had a PTO I could brush hog ...

  • Talk about a miss priced bike.... I have a bid in for $50.00 "a very cool and rare project " says the seller. :lol2:

The 2019 Craigslist Thread | Page 15 - Two Wheeled Texans

8. Howse 48 inch Brush Hog. - TractorByNet - Tractor Forum

  • Jul 14, 2011 · Tractor: Kubota 2920. Can anyone tell me if a Howse brand brush hog is any good? I have never heard of them, but there is a 48inch one for sale ...

  • Can anyone tell me if a Howse brand brush hog is any good? I have never heard of them, but there is a 48inch one for sale close to me, 2 months old like new condition for 800 bucks, just didnt know if that was a good deal or not.

Howse 48 inch Brush Hog. - TractorByNet - Tractor Forum

9. Interesting tractor on craigslist | Yesterday's Tractors Forums

  • Mar 4, 2019 · Just what you need to brush hog with if you have a lot of thorny Honey Locust trees.I had a set of Amish steel on an AC 5040 I used with a ...

  • There is a David Brown 990 for sale near me, but the interesting thing is that it has big steel wheels. Not sure why, but it sure looks neat. I actually saw it being hauled into the lot when I was at the Burgh Implement store looking at other old tractors...

10. Brush Hog size for B2650 - Orange Tractor Talk

  • Mar 2, 2016 · Thoughts/suggestions. Anyone in eastern Kansas/ Western Missouri have a 4 ft for sale?

  • I am searching for what is the best kind of brush hog/bush hog/rotary mower for my B2650. I have seen and read a lot on that a 5 ft is too much for the tractor but others say that is just right. I was told that for every foot of mower you need 5HP at the PTO, the B 2650 is rated at 19.5 HP. I...

11. Wichita craigslist farm and garden by owner. Nice MTD ... - ANUU Piacenza

  • 15 hours ago · Lake Worth Brush Hog Rotary Tiller ... Poles ... Raised with chickens, dogs, other...craigslist Farm & Garden "tractor" for sale in Southeast KS.

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Brush Hog For Sale Craigslist (2024)


What's better than a brush hog? ›

Flail mowers offer a superior cutting quality compared to brush hogs.

What is the toughest brush hog? ›

Extreme-Duty Flex-Wing

The 4815 is simply the toughest Bush Hog® built Flex-Wing… ever. Designed for the most-demanding, roughest applications, the 4815 is designed for those users who require the strongest 15 ft. Flex-Wing to tackle the most extreme jobs.

What is an alternative to a brush hog? ›

A flail mower offers a cleaner cut than a brush hog and doesn't stick out as far from the tractor. They come set up with either grass blades or hammer blades which are designed to cut through thicker materials.

Can you make money with a brush hog? ›

You can bush hog two acres per hour if it is just a field. Add in travel time and other factors and give them a job price. If you get a bunch of surprises like a lot of debris hidden in the brush, you can try to raise the rate. “This job will be $250 provided there are no surprises like junk or barbwire in the brush.”

Is a flail mower better than a Bush Hog? ›

However, flail mowers are a better choice for areas of overgrown brush and vines, and their design reduces the risk of injury from flying debris. Additionally, the flail mower will give a better-quality cut and will disperse the clippings more evenly.

Is a finish mower better than a brush hog? ›

Brush cutters may leave grass standing, and will not give as fine a cut as a finishing mower (hence the name rough cut mower). However, they are normally sturdier than finishing mowers and will not bog down as often when cutting clumpy grass and woody material.

Is a Bush Hog the same as a brush hog? ›

One of the most useful tools is what is known as a “brush hog” or “rotary cutter.” Brush hogs are commonly called “bush hogs” but that is a brand name.

What can a brush hog cut down? ›

Using powerful thwacking blades, a brush hog can slice through small trees and cut down grass and weeds at the same time.

How to make a Bush Hog cut better? ›

3 Strategies to Increase Bush Hogging Productivity
  1. Inspect the Area First. A bush hog is most effective at clearing overgrown vegetation on level land. ...
  2. Adjust the Cutting Height. In an effort to finish the job quickly, you might set the bush hog height low to cut closer to the ground. ...
  3. Go Slow.
Oct 28, 2019

How much horsepower does a brush hog need? ›

Choosing the Right Option

For example, if you have a tractor rated for 50 HP, then you should purchase a model in the 40 to 50 HP range! The horsepower of your tractor will also influence the deck width you should purchase. Typically a 25 HP tractor can handle deck widths up to 5 ft, for instance.

What kind of oil do you use in a brush hog? ›

To add oil add by removing the dipstick item # 26 add to fill line on dipstick use EP80W-90 gear oil.

Can you bale grass cut with brush hog? ›

All told, we produced 60 bales using our brush hog as the cutter. We expected to produce around 90 with the mower/conditioner, though. So the brush hog evidently left a fair amount of grass uncut. We definitely won't upgrade the brush hog to the status of primary hay cutting implement!

How fast should you brush hog? ›

To brush hog, all you do is engage the PTO. It may be button or lever activated if fully independent. On certain tractors, however, you may have to push the clutch down and move a lever, then gradually let up on the clutch. You want to be between 1200 and 1600 RPM's when turning the PTO on.

What can a brush hog handle? ›

Whether you need to maintain large fields, clear trails, or create firebreaks, a brush hog can make quick work of even the most challenging vegetation. Additionally, brush hogs are commonly employed for land development, right-of-way maintenance, and maintaining pastureland.

What is the difference between a rotary cutter and a brush hog? ›

One of the most useful tools is what is known as a “brush hog” or “rotary cutter.” Brush hogs are commonly called “bush hogs” but that is a brand name. “Rotary cutter” is another commonly used term to describe the same implement.

What is the difference between a Bush Hog and a mulcher? ›

Due to their size and maneuverability, mulchers offer more utility than bush hogs in clearing wooded, steep, or crowded areas. Mulchers use a rotary drum equipped with steel chipper tools or blades to shred vegetation, leaving behind a mulch spread.

Is A brush better than a roller? ›

If you're working on a large project, then paint rollers will definitely be the way to go as they can cover more surface area in less time. However, if you're working on a smaller project or one that requires more precision, then paint brushes might be the better choice.

What are the disadvantages of a flail mower? ›

The biggest disadvantages of the flail are that they're more expensive than equivalent rotary cutters and usually require more power to operate. Also, most flails aren't intended for heavy brush, which is where brush hogs shine. If you decide to get a flail, there are a few options to consider.

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