Building the future of X (2024)

Our pace of innovation

As we build the future of X the pace of innovation speaks for itself. If we can achieve this in nine months, just imagine the scope of our ambition in the next year. To all of the teams and partners making it happen everyday, THANK YOU!

To our passionate, growing communities of movie buffs, sports fanatics, tech trailblazers, and the world over -- the future of X belongs to YOU – blaze your glory!


  • 11/01 |Legacy verification turned into a subscription model
  • 11/09 |Elon shares a bold vision for X (formerly Twitter)
  • 11/23| Enhanced performance advertising solutions launch




  • 2/01 |Launch ofappeals processwhere anyone can request that we review a suspended account for reinstatement under our new criteria
  • 2/03 |Launch of ad revenue share program for creators
  • 2/08| Launch oflong-form postsfor Blue subscribers (4,000 character posts)
  • 2/15| Expanded ability foradvertising cannabis products
  • 2/21| Launch of notifications for users

MARCH 2023

APRIL 2023

MAY 2023

  • 5/05 |Launch ofVoice Memos for Messages(DMs)
  • 5/05 |Beta testing begins for: highlights tab; larger video file support; DM reply UI updates; new drafts/schedule posts UI; post boosting; inline media for long-form posts
  • 5/09 |NewDirect Message featureslaunch - DM Replies and Emoji Picker
  • 5/09 |Coming soon announcement ofvoice and video chatfrom your handle
  • 5/11 |Early version of encrypted direct messages launches for Blue subscribers
  • 5/18 |Blue subscribers can now upload two-hour-long videos
  • 5/18 |Voice DMs feature now available globally
  • 5/23 |Feature update allowing users to search for Lists on desktop site
  • 5/25 |Launch of faster Playback and picture-in-picture (PiP) playback

JUNE 2023

  • 6/1 |DoubleVerify3rd party brand safety and suitability measurement expands to include the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand
  • 6/06 |Feature upgrade allowing Blue subscribers up to 1 hour to edit their posts
  • 6/12 |Feature upgrade allowing group Direct Messages to include up to 100 people (up from 50)
  • 6/19 |Long-form posts expands for Blue subscribers (25,000 characters)
  • 6/20 |Feature updates toimprove screen mirroring integration
  • 6/28 |Launch of new ‘Highlights’ tab for Blue subscribers, which enables users to showcase their best posts via a new, dedicated feed on their profile
  • 6/30 |Feature upgrade allowing group Direct Messages to include up to 150 people (up from 100)

JULY 2023

Stay tuned—the team is shipping more this week.

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Building the future of X (2024)
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