Contact Us, St John's Chambers (2024)

St John’s Chambers
101 Victoria Street

T: 0117 923 4700
E: [emailprotected]

Here are direct numbers for each of the clerks. Please scroll down for direct dial and email addresses by team.

Commercial & Chancery Clerks:

Robert Boco*ck: 0117 923 4714
Paul Bennett: 0117 923 4793
Elizabeth Champion: 0117 923 4712
Paul Nuttall: 0117 923 4742
Simon Lyons: 0117 923 4696

PI Clerks:

Adam Marston: 0117 923 4703 / 07500 807967
Hugh Maguire: 0117 923 4797
Lara Hanney: 0117 923 4713
Jordan Yandell: 0117 923 4707

Family Clerks:

Luke Hodgson: 0117 923 4709
Elaine Jewell-Moore: 0117 923 4708
Marcus Harding: 0117 923 4716
Abigail Hooper: 0117 923 4690
Karen Hughes: 0117 923 4718


Lee Hanson: 0117 923 4706
Trudy Paul: 0117 923 4705

Direct dial and email address by team

Agriculture & Rural Affairs
T: 0117 923 4740

Clinical Negligence
T: 0117 923 4730

T: 0117 923 4740

Construction & Engineering
T: 0117 923 4740

Court of Protection
T: 0117 923 4720

T: 0117 923 4740
E: [emailprotected]

Family & Divorce
T: 0117 923 4720

Inquests & Public Inquiries
T: 0117 923 4730

International Arbitration
T: 0117 923 4740

Personal Injury
T: 0117 923 4730

Professional Negligence
T: 0117 923 4740

Public & Administrative Law
T: 0117 923 4740

Real Estate
T: 0117 923 4740

T: 0117 923 4740

Wills & Trusts
T: 0117 923 4740
E: [emailprotected]

Fees Team
T: 0117 923 4760
E: [emailprotected]

Out of hours & emergency numbers

Our office hours are from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and phone calls to group practice teams will be manned from 8am until 6pm. Please scroll further down for emergency numbers.

For out of hours assistance please call:

Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury and Inquests
Adam Marston, Practice Manager: 07500 807967

Commercial, Real Estate, Tax, Wills & Trusts, Employment and Public & Administrative
Rob Boco*ck, Practice Manager: 07801 825013

Family & Divorce
Luke Hodgson, Practice Manager: 07929 432614
Elaine Jewell-Moore: 07813 830919

Emergency numbers:

  • Family Practice Group – 07813 830919
  • Personal injury and Clinical Negligence Practice Group – 07500 807967
  • Commercial and Chancery Practice Group – 07801 825013
  • Isabelle Mills, Office Manager – 07779 906327


Directions & parking

Access from Baldwin Street onto Victoria Street via Bristol Bridge is now subject to restrictions for general through traffic.

“Bristol Clean Air Zone (CAZ) – Charges may apply

On Monday 28th November 2022, Bristol City Council introduced a Clean Air Zone.As St John’s Chambers are inside the zone, charges may apply.To find out if you need to pay for your vehicle, click here:

Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging

There are public charging points available on Victoria Street; further details can be found here. We also have charging points in our car park (please contact us first for further details and availability).

Arriving from the East or West on the M4 Leave the M4 at Junction 19 (M32). At the end of the M32 follow the signs for Temple Meads Railway Station on to Temple Way. When you reach Temple Meads station follow the signs for the city centre, and turn left on to Victoria Street. 101 Victoria Street is situated on your left hand side directly opposite the Novotel.

Arriving from the North on the M5 Leave the M5 at Junction 15 (Almondsbury Interchange). Turn onto M4 towards London and exit at Junction 19 onto M32. Follow instructions for arriving on M4 above.

Arriving from the South on the M5 Leave the M5 at Junction 18. At the junction follow signs for A4 Bristol. Take the A4 along the Portway and under the Clifton Suspension Bridge. At the Cumberland Basin system, take Brunel Way and follow the A3029, taking the left turning towards Temple Meads / Bedminster A370 (Coronation Road).

At the roundabout, bear left towards Redcliffe / City Centre, take the centre lane, cross over the Bridge and first left onto Redcliffe Hill. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Redcliffe Street. 2nd right on to Three Queens Lane. Right onto St Thomas Street, first left onto Canynge Street.

Temple Meads Railway Station is a short walk. At the bottom of the ramp (main exit) cross the road to the central walkway and turn right. Cross over the main road (Redcliffe Way) and enter Victoria Street. 101 Victoria Street is about 100 yards up on the left hand side opposite the Novotel.

St John’s Chambers have a limited number of allocated parking spaces. Spaces are given on a first come, first served basis (with the exception of those with disabilities who will be given priority). Please contact reception on 0117 923 4700to book.

Download parking instructions here.

Contact Us, St John's Chambers (2024)
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