LPGA Player Profile - So Yeon Ryu (2024)

LPGA Player Profile - So Yeon Ryu (1)

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LPGA Player Profile – So Yeon Ryu

Women's Golf writer, Tony Jesselli profiles the talented and popular LPGA Tour player, So Yeon Ryu. Photos by Ben Harpring.

With the COVID-19 Coronavirus putting a temporary halt on the LPGA 2020 season, I thought this would be a good time to showcase some of the great players on the tour.

I have chosen one of my favorite players. She is one of the most consistent players on the LPGA Tour and is one of the most approachable. She is always happy to sign anything put in front of her, or take a picture with you. There is no “diva” in this lady and she is always wearing a smile. My choice is So Yeon Ryu (pronounced as ‘So-Yun-You’).

LPGA Player Profile - So Yeon Ryu (2)

Born: 6/29/90
Hometown:Seoul, South Korea
Resides: Irving, Texas
Rookie Year: 2012 (Had already won the U.S. Women’s Open in 2011 as a non-LPGA player).
2019 Earnings: $815,758 (23rd on official LPGA money list).

So Yeon has won 6 times on the LPGA tour (including 2 Major Championships):

  • 2011 U.S. Women’s Open
  • 2012 Jamie Farr Toledo Classic
  • 2014 Canadian Pacific Women’s Open.
  • 2017 ANA Inspiration
  • 2017 Walmart NW Arkansas Championship
  • 2018 Meijer LPGA Classic

She has a history of playing her best golf in major championships. Here are her best finishes in each of the five LPGA majors:

  • ANA Inspiration – Finished 1st in 2017
  • KPMG Women’s PGA Championship – Finished 2nd in 2018
  • U.S. Women’s Open – Finished 1st in 2011
  • Ricoh Women’s British Open – Finished 3rd in 2015 and 2018
  • The Evian Championship – Finished 2nd in 2016

And a remarkable record of finishing in the top ten in her career.

  • 198 career starts
  • 188 cuts made (94.9%)
  • 87 top ten finishes (43.9%)
LPGA Player Profile - So Yeon Ryu (3)

So Yeon Ryu started 2020 with career earnings of $10,915,457 (13th on the all-time LPGA money list)

Other Career Highlights

  • Shot a career-low 61 in the second round of her winning performance at the 2017 Walmart NW Arkansas Championship.
  • 2017 Co- Rolex Player of the Year.
  • Three-time member of Team Korea at the UL International Crown (2014, 2016, 2018), posting a 9-2-1 overall record.
  • 2012 Louise Suggs Rookie of the Year.


All photographs of So Yeon Ryu taken by our LPGA photographer Ben Harpring. Follow Ben on Instagram at instagram.com/benharpringmedia.

Tony Jesselli

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LPGA Player Profile - So Yeon Ryu (18)

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LPGA Player Profile - So Yeon Ryu (20)

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LPGA Player Profile - So Yeon Ryu (2024)


Where does So Yeon Ryu live? ›

Ryu So-yeon
Ryu So-yeon 유소연
ResidenceSouth Korea
CollegeYonsei University (did not play college golf)
Turned professional2007
22 more rows

Is Ryu retiring? ›

South Korea's So Yeon Ryu, a two-time major champion and six-time LPGA Tour winner, announced on Instagram Thursday that the Chevron Championship would be her last event before retiring. "After deciding to retire, I spent much time looking back on my career," Ryu posted in a handwritten note.

Which LPGA player is retiring? ›

So Yeon Ryu announced her retirement from professional golf with a two-page hand-written note on Instagram. A classy, personable approach from a player who has been nothing but first-class from the start. Ryu's final event will be next month's Chevron Championship, an event she won in 2017.

Where can I watch LPGA Chevron? ›

LPGA Tour on ESPN+

The Chevron Championship on ESPN+ is part of a two-year deal announced in November 2023 in which ESPN+ will present live featured group coverage of eight LPGA Tour tournaments through the 2025 season.

What ethnicity is Hyun Jin Ryu? ›

It was the first shutout in Ryu's MLB career and the first shutout for a Korean-born pitcher since Chan Ho Park and Sun-woo Kim. In 30 starts with the Dodgers in 2013, Ryu was 14–8 with a 3.00 ERA. He was selected by Baseball America to their annual "All-Rookie team". Ryu pitching in October 2013.

Who is Yana Wilson? ›

I am the 2022 USGA US Girls Junior Champion. I live in Henderson, Nevada and am the daughter of Jim and Olga Wilson.

Where is the Chevron Championship? ›

Since its inception, it has been held annually at the Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California, southeast of Palm Springs.

What ethnicity is Ryu? ›


When did Ryu come out? ›

DebutStreet Fighter (1987)
Smash Bros. appearancesSSB4 Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearanceStreet Fighter 6 (2023)
Console/platform of originArcade
9 more rows
Apr 10, 2024

Why does Ryu not wear shoes? ›

Ryu hates shoes, and Rocket is a racoon. Ryu doesn't wear shoes because he's on the battle field and that's how Karate is trained, without shoes in the dojo. He's a character from a fighting game that was pretty stereotypical in character design.

Who is the 13 year old female golfer? ›

In 2003, Michelle Wie was just 13 years old and we were already featuring her in Golf Digest. (Now married, she goes by Michelle Wie West.) That year, she became the youngest player to ever make the cut at an LPGA Tour event when she played the weekend at the Kraft Nabisco Championship (now The Chevron).

Who passed away in LPGA? ›

Stephanie Sparks, a former LPGA pro golfer and co-host of the Golf Channel reality show 'Big Break,' died last week at the age of 50, according to a Kepner Funeral Homes online obituary (h/t Golfweek).

Has Paula Creamer retired from golf? ›

Paula Creamer is back on the LPGA Tour with a renewed sense of motivation After more than a year away from competitive golf, new mom Paula Creamer is back on the LPGA Tour with a renewed sense of focus.

Who is Ryu's love interest? ›

Irene Lew/Sonia. In the classic NG series, Irene is Ryu's romantic interest and partner, having met during Ryu's investigation of his father's death. After their many adventures the two open a Curio Shop together and she gives Ryu a sense of peace.

How old is Ryu canon? ›

↑ Ryu is 33 years old in Street Fighter III New Generation. SFIII 3rd Strike takes place a year or years after SFIII Second Impact, so in SFIII 3rd Strike Ryu is 34 years old or older.

Is Ryu in Street Fighter 6? ›

As in previous installments in the series, Ryu in Street Fighter 6 is a character best played at mid-range. Here he shines thanks to good pokes like standing and crouching medium kicks.

Is Ryu a bad guy? ›

However, Ryu never fully becomes Evil Ryu during the comic series as he is against the darker aspects of the power since it involves killing. Evil Ryu does however appear in volume two of the Super Street Fighter comic series, after absorbing the Satsui no Hado from Sakura and Akuma's Hadoken.

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